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Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club – End of season newsletter

To all our wonderful members.

Well, we’ve done it again. It has been a much more regular season but still a huge pat on the back to all members for ensuring another success. Membership numbers have finished almost equal to last season. This is a testament to the hard work put in by our entirely voluntary team and to those members who have persuaded others to join.

Hopefully we will see everyone returning in September with renewed vigour to ensure our continued success.

League matches have managed to reach a successful conclusion. Winners of the 2022/23 Leagues were as follows :-

Tue AM Triples – J Harper D Harper B Scarce B Elener

Runners up –  J Kent A Bingham A Charlton K Bardon

Wed AM Triples – J Harper A Charlton B Scarce D Harper

Runners up C Gibbons J Gibbons D Milner

Fri AM Pairs – J Kent C Thrower M Franklin

Runners up – R Clifford M Stockdale =/= C Smedley G Thompson

Mon EVE Triples – T Wray M Stockdale R Clifford

Runners up – T Myers D Myers A Harmer

Wed EVE Triples – P Smurthwaite J Everett J Woods S Philips

Runners up – T Myers D Leckonby A Harmer D Myers

Thu EVE Pairs – J Harper D Raines D Harper

Runners up – C Gibbons J Gibbons

Congratulations to all. Winners will receive an Oscar’s voucher for £10, runners up receive a club pen.

Particular mention must be made of the new teams who entered. Many struggled at first but it has been pleasing to see significant improvements towards the end of the season. Keep it up – it gets easier.

I have already had confirmation from some teams that they will be joining the leagues in September. Please contact me as soon as possible to ensure you are also included. Any members not attached to a team, those wishing to Bowl more often and those wishing to be included in a team please let me know when you wish to Bowl and I will allocate appropriately. The more teams playing, the better the atmosphere.

Hopefully many of you will soon be out in the fresh air enjoying outdoor bowling at the various local clubs. A list of these is on the club website –, together with contact details. Anyone requiring further details should contact me. All clubs welcome new members and supporting them ensures continuation of the loyal support they give RIBC.

The winter social sessions finish this Sunday 16th April. There has been some interest in keeping the Sunday morning social going but we need someone to take charge of opening up and overseeing the session. If anyone wishes to volunteer and numbers (approx. min 10 ) make it worthwhile, we can get it going. Let me know if interested in bowling and/or helping on Sundays, and we will see what can be done.

From Tue April 18th social sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30 AM

Special thanks to our cleaning teams, those who man the office, those who help out with the maintenance and others who pop up when required. We would have to increase charges if we had to pay staff – so, well done all.

It has been suggested it would be nice to have some murals painted on the blank white wall next to rink 5. Has anyone any suggestions or contacts?

Hoping you all enjoy this spring and summer. The committee is looking forward to seeing you all again in early September.

Best Wishes


Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club: Newsletter April 2023

Warmest greetings to all members.

A.G.M. 2023
We request your support of members of Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club by attending the

Annual General Meeting on Thursday 6th April at 1pm.

This is your chance to discuss with the committee any matters that may concern you.
We now have a number of vacancies to fill so as to achieve a workable committee to oversee the future running of the club. Unless we are able to recruit 3 or 4 new members it will be difficult to move things forward and guarantee the long-term future of the club.
Whilst the club is strong financially we desperately require new blood on the committee. This will ensure there is a strong team supporting our league secretary who continues to work tirelessly to keep things running on a day to day basis.

The committee only meets 6 times a year so it is not a time-consuming undertaking. We are seeking

  • people with IT skills for our website and
  • people who can arrange and manage a handful of special events each season to enhance our league and social bowling programme.

There are committee nomination forms on the notice board.

Unless we can make this a reality, there is a strong prospect that the club will not be able to operate in a business-like manner and will go in to a steady decline.

It is now 10 years since the club was rescued from closure by what is now the Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre (RCLC). This committee (which is a registered charity) strives to maintain for the community’s benefit the long-term future of the building as a whole with RIBC at its heart. As the principal tenant we must continue to play our part in supporting their efforts by ensuring we maintain a strong and successful club. Please therefore ensure you play your part in maintaining the success of the club by coming along to the meeting on 6th April and by doing so demonstrate your commitment to our future.


Would all league players please note that the final weeks games have been changed. The way it was set up meant some teams would play each other for a third time, whilst others only met once. Details are on the notice board.

OTHER BUSINESS – Help required

Many thanks to all of you who generously supported the Whistle Stops and Patrons challenge games recently, there is no doubt all three events were successful. It is hoped to increase the regularity of this type of events but it will need a dedicated commitment from a small band of volunteers.

Our public address system requires attention, is there anyone with the skills to advise ?

Our outdated heating system needs improving. Is there any member with suitable skills who could offer advice?

Jack Hawkins
It is with great sadness we report the death of Jack Hawkins, In the mid 90’s Jack retired as a dog handler in the West Riding police force and came to work for security at Hovingham Hall. He and his wife joined Hovingham bowls club and they both worked tirelessly for the club. His illness prevented him playing outdoors in 2022 but he still managed a few games indoors.

He was very much a people person and the William Butler Yeats quote
There are no strangers in this club. Just friends you have yet to met”
sums him up very well. He will be cremated at Octon on Friday 31st April at 3.30.

It’s worth remembering the above quote, it certainly seems to sum up the ambience at RIBC

Best regards