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The latest club newsletter – written by Dave England for RIBC Committee (August 2021)

The NEW season at Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club

To RIBC Members and potential members,

Hello all members.

We start our week of free bowls sessions on Sunday 5th September, all are welcome.
Sessions planned are
      Sunday, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday at 10.30am.
     Monday and Wednesday at 7.00pm

Fri 10th is almost booked up with a party of 16 from Thornton le Dale at 10.30am and another of 24 from Sleights at 12.30pm so please be aware that Friday may be a bit of a squeeze.

Feedback suggests not all current members will re-joining but there is a lot of interest from new members. We may have to introduce extra social sessions to accommodate these.

Don’t forget the 3 free sessions for introducing a new full member.

The leagues are filling up steadily. If you have not declared your team please do so as soon as possible. There are quite a few players looking for team places, we will sort them as the week progresses.

League games start on Monday 20th September, social sessions will be available as required during week commencing 13th September.

Face coverings, the committee have discussed the issue and the following points were taken into consideration :-

    Nationally, we are currently facing high levels of infections – over 30, 000 per DAY! – and a rising death rate (even higher than when the committee’s original decision was taken.

     The position is likely to worsen once schools re-open and the football season gets going.

    Many members are in the older more vulnerable category and we should offer them the fullest protection possible.

    There is now evidence that the vaccinations may NOT maintain the best protection for much more than 6 months?

    A poll of those presently playing in the social sessions revealed the majority supported continuance of the mandatory wearing of face coverings.

    The committee has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all members.

At present the club insists that everyone wears face coverings in the interests of safety for all.   Moving to a ‘please yourself’ approach seems foolhardy at present so the committee will continue to insist that all players wear face coverings.

We are aware this decision will not please all so we will continuously monitor the situation in the hope that soon we will be able to have more flexibility.

We have found most players prefer the Face Shields. A stock is available for sale at £2 each

See you all soon and good luck for the new season!


RIBC Committee (Sept 2021)

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RIBC Committee 2020-21

Chairman Terry Wray

Members Sue Harrison, Suzanne Everett, Doreen Tinson, Aubrey Charlton, Kath Jeanes, Dave England.