About Ryedale I.B.C.

Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club is a triumph for community effort. Previously the site in Norton-on-Derwent, Malton as owned and operated by Ryedale District Council. However, in 2013 the council decided that because the facility was uneconomic it should be closed and the site sold. A determined effort by members of the club and local community resulted in the site being purchased for the community and re-opened as the Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre. After extensive refurbishment in autumn 2014, during which the number of rinks was reduced to five, the club is now operating normally.

Restaurant at Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club Norton

View from Oscar’s restaurant at Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club

League competitions started again in January. The seven leagues which will run until April are:

Monday morning                   Triples
Monday evening                    Triples
Tuesday morning                  Triples
Wednesday morning            Triples
Wednesday evening              Triples
Thursday evening                  Pairs
Friday morning                      Pairs

(Provisional) Bowling Diary 2018-19 until Friday 19th April

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30
Occasional Social
12.30 to 2.30
Triples League
7.30 to 9.30
Tuesday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30
Casual (Driffield)
12.30 to 2.30

2.30 to 4.30

Wednesday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30

Triples League
7.30 to 9.30
Thursday Forum/Social
10.30 to 12.30
Whistle Stop
2.00 to 4.30
Pairs League
7.00 to 9.00
Friday Pairs League
10.30 to 12.30
Casual (Sleights)
12.30 to 2.30
Saturday  Available  Available  Available
Sunday Fun, Scocial
10.00 to 12.00
 Available  Available

In the summer season when most bowlers play outdoors, there are no league competitions but there will be social sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings.

When not used for reserved sessions the rinks are available for use by both members and non-members.

The club’s constitution and rules of play can be downloaded here RIBCconstitution.

Delivery with determination at Ryedale IBC

Visible in the top picture are Oscar’s restaurant, lounge bar and function suite that share the premises with the bowls club. Though no longer officially tied to the bowls club, they make a very handy refreshment stop after (or even during) a game of bowls.

Fees for 2018/19 Season

These are unchanged from the 2017/18 season.
Membership (including locker)

Full Year                                                   £40
Half Year (from 1/01/19)                       £25
Young Adult                                             £20
Junior                                                        £10

Social Membership
Full year                                                   £5

Playing (per game)
Members                                                  £3
Junior                                                        £1
Non-members/ Social members          £3 (1hour) or £5 (2 hours)

Taster Course (4 sessions)                       £10 (Bowls and footwear provided)

Rink Hire per 2 hour session)
3 rinks (up to 18 players)                         £75
3 rinks (up to 24 players)                         £96
4 rinks (up to 32 players)                       £120
5 rinks (up to 40 players)                       £140


2 thoughts on “About Ryedale I.B.C.

  1. Trevor Barlow

    Good morning

    I’m very interested in your taster course and wonder if you could provide more details please? As an analyst by profession and someone who has enjoyed the ‘accuracy’ and strategy of tenpin bowling in the past, bowls has always intrigued me as a game that I would like to try.

    With thanks and regards

    Trevor Barlow

    07973 177848


    1. ryedaleibc Post author

      Your post to the Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club was sent just after the main indoor season finished and I’ve only just spotted it. Over the summer we run two social sessions Tuesday and Thursday morning 10.30 to 12.30. You are welcome to come along then.
      As you will see on the website we get going again in early September. There is a chance to get free bowling on the mornings of 6th, 7th, 8th September and the evenings (7.00pm to 9.00pm) on 6th and 7th September.

      You should wear flat-soled shoes but some can be borrowed from the club. Sets of bowls are available.

      I hope this answers your main questions




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