News and Events

This page contains news and events relating to Ryedale Indoor Bowling Club plus Ryedale Community and Leisure Centre and other related events in Norton and Malton.

Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club, Malton

Delivering a bowl at Ryedale Indoor Bowls Club


Upgraded Lighting
Work starts on installing new lighting above the green on Thursday 26th July and is expected to take about 5 days. The new LED lights will be slightly brighter, cheaper to run and easier to maintain than the neon lights they replace.

Summer season 2018
Social sessions are held throughout the summer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.30am -12.30pm. Both members and visitors are welcome.

Winter season 2018/19
The next season will start in early September. Enrollment and free bowls 3rd – 5th September. League matches will begin on Monday 10th September and continue through to Friday 21 December.

The club will be open for spells on
Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th,Wednesday 5th September, morning and evening
for payment of fees and free ‘roll-up’ bowls.

Entry forms for the new leagues are on the notice-boards and entry closes on Wednesday 5th September.

Christmas break 2018/9
In previous years few comments have been about the arrangements for the Christmas break. There seems no solution that satisfies everyone’s needs. Taking the holiday period as including both Christmas Eve and January 2nd, the holiday spans 10 days. That is a tight fit if we take a two-week break but it should be recognised that many members would object if we were to take a three-week break. The sensible solution seems to be that we are flexible. So although leagues are scheduled to end on 21st December teams not wanting to play close to Christmas are encouraged to re-arrange matches. The club will be open on the mornings of Wednesday 2nd through to Friday 4th January 2019 for catch-up matches plus roll-up. (Please note there are no free sessions.) League matches restart on Monday 7th January.

Proposed events:  We hope to re-run our popular Race Night in October. Monday Night Bingo sessions will continue as normal.

Bowling Diary (Winter) 2018-19

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30
Australian (2-4-2) Pairs
1.15 – 3.15
Triples League
7.30 to 9.30
Tuesday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30
Casual (Driffield)
12.30 to 2.30
Social 2.30 -4.30

Wednesday Triples League
10.30 to 12.30

Triples League
7.30 to 9.30
Thursday Forum/Social
10.30 to 12.30
Whistle Stop (by prior arrangement)
2.00 to 4.30
Pairs League
7.00 to 9.00
Friday Pairs League
10.30 to 12.30
Casual (Sleights)
12.30 to 2.30
Sunday Casual (by prior arrangement)
10.30 to 12.30

RIBC Committee 2017-18

Chairman Terry Wray

Members John Harrison, Sue Harrison, Suzanne Everett, Doreen Tinson, Malcolm Wilkinson, Jack Woods, Aubrey Charlton, Kath Jeanes, Mike Franklin.


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